• File ByPass: New service that drastically drops held file rate and improves safety to our customers: Read More

Bug Fixes#

  • Portal T&Cs correctly displayed.
  • Policy sender domains enforced.
  • General resilience improvements.


  • Monitoring via DataDog.
  • Improved business service mapping in PagerDuty.
  • High availability cache is now live.




SMTP Email Protection#

  • Transactional Log for all emails that go through Rebuild for Email.
  • User File Release Request. Able to request a held file to be released as a user.
  • SMTP Resilience and Recovery. High resilience for receiving, processing and relaying SMTP mail.
  • Data retention of email data.

Policy Management#

  • Fully configurable Content Management actions and policy for attachments.
  • Further analysis of files using ThreatCensor
  • Able to control mail flow and attachment policy with Sender and Receiver Groups

Analysis and Protect for attachments#

The following file formats are supported:

  • Office(Excel, Powerpoint, Word)
  • PDF
  • Images(jpeg, png, gif, bmp)


  • 24/7 365 Multi-layered support

  • Full incident management process

  • Capacity of 4000 users and growing!

  • Monitoring and alerting for:

    • Mail loss
    • Endpoint Checks for Portal and SMTP
    • Latency
    • Service degradation
  • Cross region data store redundancy.

  • SQL Data failover groups.

  • Multiple SaaS Clusters for resilience.

  • Live backups on all customer data.